5 Best Universal Remote Apps for Android

5 Best Universal Remote Apps for Android

Its always gets a little bit hectic when you have multiple devices to control in the single room. From Tv’s to AC’s etc, they all need their separate remotes. However, Android aims to streamline the whole process by giving you some of the best universal remote apps for Android.

1. Smart IR Remote

This is one remote to rule them all. Smart IR Remote combines a great interface with thousands of device control. The app dominates other universal remote apps for Android just because it supports  800,000 devices and a list is being expanded on a regular basis. Controlling media player, DVD player and TV will not be a big problem once you install this app.

2. Roku

The official Roku app is excellent for Roku owners. The app allows you to control pretty much everything on the Roku. All you’d need your actual TV remote for is volume. The remote with the Roku app comes with fast forward, rewind, play/pause and navigation buttons. The app is also free.

3. Google Home

Google Home is definitely among the best remote apps. Its primary functions are to control Google Home and Google Chromecast devices. That means you’ll need one of those to make this work. Otherwise, it simple. All you need to do is pick a show, movie, song, image, or whatever. You then cast it to your screen. It can’t do a thing like change the channel. It also can’t change the volume.

4. Easy Universal TV Remote

Easy Universal TV Remote doesn’t look fancy but it still one of the best universal remote apps for Android. This app almost controls every brand of TV there is. Setting it up is simple and the app performs really well. From old TV’s to the latest smart once, all are supported by this nifty app.

5. Unified Remote

Unified Remote is unique in the universal remote apps for Android list. That is because it controls your PC and its applications remotely. That’s right, you can use this app to control your Windows-based PC while sitting on your couch. We discovered this great app when we made little PC a streaming and media hub.

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