5 Cool Mac Tricks You Should Know

No one can deny the fact that macOS is a great operating system. I’m using Mac since last 2-3 years, I am always fascinated by its hidden features which I keep on finding. Today, I am going to share this list with you. Some of you might know about it but I am sure none of you will know all of them.

1. Batch Rename Files

In our day to day work, we take lots of screenshots and renaming them one by one can be pain. Well if you feel that pain, there’s an easy way to do that on you Mac. Just select all the files and right click. Now, select all the “Rename X items” from the Right click menu.

2. Lock your Mac with Keyboard Shortcut(Works with High Sierra)

Another cool windows feature which was missing in earlier macOS was the lack of keyboard shortcut to lock you Mac. With macOS High Sierra you, get the option to lock your Mac with a keyboard shortcut. To lock your Mac, just press “Command+Control+Q” and it will lock your device.

3. Quickly Type Emojis on Mac

Emojis are loved by almost everyone. This is a craze which is refusing to die. You might have know that you can use emojis on your Mac and you can fetch them with a simple keyboard shortcut. To get the emoji keyboard, just hit the “Control+Command+Space” and emojis will appear.

4. Enable Double Tap To Insert Period (Works with Sierra)

Something which I like about smartphone keyboards that they are make your typing experience smoother and quicker. One of the most helping feature is double tapping on the space button to insert period. Well, to start this feature on your Mac just, go to System Preferences>Keyboard>Text and enable the “Add period with double-space” option.

5. Sign Documents Using TrackPad

Did you know that you can easily sign documents on your Mac digitally? There’s no reason to print document, sign it, scan it, and them uploading it. Just open the PDF in preview and click on the markup button. Select the signature option and then Trackpad. Here you can record your signature and then drag and drop it in the signature field.

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