5 Hidden Tricks of an iPad

5 Hidden Tricks of an iPad

Apple’s iPad has been around for about years, but there are probably at least a few features tucked away in the settings menu that you’ve probably never discovered. Some of these features have only been introduced this year, while others have been around for awhile. Here’s take a look at 5 Hidden tricks of an iPad.

1. Hey Siri- What’s that song?

If you’re drawn in by an unfamiliar tune, Siri can tell you what it is. Simply ask: “What song is playing?” Siri well listens to your surroundings then attempt to identify the music, drawing on a vast database of audio. The artist and track details should pop up- along with a “Buy” button, to encourage you to buy it on iTunes.

2. Run More Than One at The Same Time on The Home Screen.

Sometimes it’s more helpful to split the screen between two apps rather than keeping one in a column views. Split view lets you do just that. To run two apps simultaneously side-by-side on the iPad, just swipe in from the right the screen. This will launch one app Slide OverView.

3. Set a Sleep Timer

Would you like to fall asleep listening to a playlist? There’s no need to leave your iPad playing all night: instead, you can set a sleep timer. Open the Clock app, tap the Timer button at the bottom right, then dial in how long you want your music or video to play for. Next, tap on the musical note button below the timer dial and you’ll see a list of alarm tones. Scroll to the bottom and select “Stop playing” to make your iPad automatically go quiet once the timer expires.

4. Play a Video n Screen While Using Other Apps

iPad users no longer have to quit watching a vide to check another app. While watching a video or using FaceTime, simply press the home button to minimise the video down to the corner of your iPad’s Display. This only works in certain apps that support this feature.

5. Shake to Undo

The iPad keyboard isn’t the easiest to type on, and fumbling fingers can sometimes hit the wrong button. On a regular laptop, you hit Undo to correct mistakes. On the iPad you a firm shake does the job. It works in a variety of apps, including Pages, Mail, and Notes.  You can disable this feature, you will get this option in setting.

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