5 Simple Photography Hacks You Should Try Now

5 Simple Photography Hacks You Should Try Now

Many people tend to think that in order to achieve stellar photos you have a top-of-the-line camera, a hoard of expensive lenses and suitcase full of amazing accessories. So you don’t have a thousand dollar camera? So what?! That’s totally fine.

For creative photography, you don’t need a thousand dollar camera or expensive camera. What’s important is knowing the proper settings of what you have on your hand. Below, I have listed five photography hacks that will help you to get creative photos – no matter what kind of camera you have.

1. DIY Camera Filters

When I first learned about camera filters, I was extremely excited! Wha a fun idea that you can create artistic effects with a filter you can clip onto your lens! Most filters I found on the market thought were quite boring, so I decided to find some D.I.Y. filters perfect for those projects. Some of my favorite filters are created with items you can find around your own house, and they take minutes to put together.

2. Follow The Rule OF Thirds

Rule of thirds applies to the composition of an image. So what exactly is it? The rule of thirds refers to photo dissection. Take two vertical lines and two horizontal lines and divide your photo into nine equal squares. The Goal in using the rule of thirds is to place your subject, or the focal point, along with a vertical or horizontal line and a point of intersection.

3. Create your Own Shapes for Bokeh

This is one of my favorite techniques to use, especially during the holidays. Making shapes in your bokeh is a really easy to use and it creates the most beautiful effects! All you need for this is a black sheet of construction paper, a pair of scissors, an X-ACTO knife and a rubber band. And use your creativity to make shapes like heart, triangle etc.

4. Hold Still

Yes, this seems like a no-brainer, but nobody can hold perfectly still when composing a photo. To fix this a tripod most certainly helps, but they aren’t always practical. Your best bet is to use your surroundings to brace yourself or use your body. If you’re near a wall, fence or another sturdy surface, lean against it to balance yourself. Get creative with using your body in different positions and finding a stable way to hold your camera.

5. Create Your Own Reflectors

Using reflectors is one of the easiest ways to have an even light on your subject and great stunning portraits. If you are in the market for few reflectors but aren’t ready to fork out the money to buy some yet, there are easy ways to create the same effects with much cheaper items. The easiest items to use are colored poster board for a reflector.

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