5 Most Weird Apps on Play Store

5 Most Weird Apps on Play Store

Smartphones can do anything these days. You won’t believe what’s at number one on our list of the 5 most weird apps on play store. We talk about Cool Apps, Most Useful Apps, and many more. Now, it’s time to hit the 5 Most Weird Apps on Play store. We know that there are tons of useful apps on Play Store but we can’t deny that fact Play Store has lots of useless Apps.In today’s article, we are going to see 5 most weird Apps on Play Store. So, let’s hit the list.

1. TapThat

With TapThat you take two NFC-enabled smartphones, choose a character on each(one of whom could be Homer Simpson, to give you an idea), then tap together those phones to let them, erm, get busy making mini smartphones.

2. Beer Free

This is bizarre. Why would you pretend to drink beer when you could just go and have a beer? However, children and alcoholics might enjoy Beer Free from a Neptune labs. A fun app that lets you pretend your phone is a beer. You tilt your phone to drink the beer, and once it’s all gone you get a burp.

3. Nothing

The Nothing app does well nothing at all. The apps do it promise to do nothing. It does not have an icon, no text if you open the app you will have a black blank screen. If you love to do nothing then it’s life gonna change your life trust me. The app has pro version also that bring more nothing.

4. S.M.T.H

S.M.T.H stands for Send Me To Heaven, is a weird game. It requires you go through your phone in the air to see how high you can get your phone. Well, throwing your phone in the air can damage your phone. So, do it at your own risk.

5. Binky

Binky is strange social media app. In the Binky app, everything is pointless nothing matters. You will get infinite irrelevant posts, you can like that posts and comment on it which means nothing at all. As like tinder you can swipe post but swiping the post do nothing. Also, you get an illusion that you are commenting on a post but you’re just smashing the keyboard and pinky will give some random comment. And, it’s perfect anti-social media app.

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