How to Stop Autoplaying GIFs in Your Browser

Animated GIFs introduces a sense of life inside the static photos. This is turn, allows a creator to convey the more information with GIFs than they could do with other images.

GIFs can be funny, informative and pointless at the same time. However, what we don’t love about GIFs is the way they are being played. Websites often use them in autoplay mode. Sometimes it’s just annoying when things start auto playing on a web page.

Here are stop GIFs from auto playing in your browser.

1. Stop GIFs Autoplay On Google Chrome

Google chrome is the most used browsers in the world, that’s why we started with the Google Chrome. Google Chrome is known for its healthy selection of extensions. There are a couple of extensions which can help us solve the problem of auto-playing GIFs, but, probably the best one is GIF Jam. Basically, it will show you only the first frame of any GIF present on the webpage. To watch the GIFs, you will have to disable the extension and then reload the page again.

2. Stop GIFs Autoplay on Opera

Similar to chrome, there’s a pretty good add-on for Opera which is available in its extensions store. The extension is aptly called GIF-blocker. Once installed, you can just click on the extension icon to enable or disable it. Once enabled, the GIFs on any web page will be replaced by the extension’s icon. To play GIFs, you have to disable the extension by clicking on it and refresh the page.

3. Stop GIFs Autoplay on Mozilla Firefox

Just like the Google Chrome and Opera you can use an add-on for Firefox to stop the GIFs from Autoplaying on any webpage. To do that, download and install Toggle Animated GIFs. This add-on offers you to use simple keyboard shortcuts to enable or disable the GIF animation. You can hit Ctrl+M to enable/disable GIFs animation in the current tab.

4. Stop GIFs Autoplay on Safari

The MacOS High Sierra update is bringing a lot of changes to Safari. You can stop GIFs from auto-playing on Safari is to install the Deanimator extension. But this extension has not been updated by since 6 years ago. It might work on older versions of Safari.

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